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03.02.2022 Stencil Cleaning - the hidden process Stencil Printing
Ersa GmbH
15.03.2022 Soldering Technologies for High-Performance Electronics Machine Soldering
Ersa GmbH
27.04.2022 Reflow Soldering: Smart condensate management Machine Soldering
Ersa GmbH
18.05.2022 Quality assurance in semi-automatic THT-lines Machine Soldering
Ersa GmbH
29.06.2022 Kurtz Ersa Connect: Your solution for digital factory Machine Soldering
Ersa GmbH

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Ersa Tools Webinars - Available Topics

Category Topic Content Target group
hand soldering Hand soldering – First steps
  • the theoretical principles of hand soldering
  • the relevant influencing parameters for hand soldering
  • the theoretical execution of a manual soldering process
hand soldering The heart of a soldering iron - the appropriate soldering tip, selection and care
  • why the soldering tip is so important
  • the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies
  • which soldering tip is the best suitable for your application
  • how to maintain the soldering tip in an optimum way
beginners, user, operator
hand soldering Soldering of THDs and SMDs on high thermal mass assemblies
  • the definition of large thermal masses and their challenges
  • Temperature and time limits at a hand soldering process
  • the selection and usage of the proper soldering tool
  • practical execution of a high-mass soldering task
experienced soldering operators, experts
hand soldering Professional Hand Soldering: Hot Air- and Hybrid Systems
  • basics for manual reflow processes
  • different tools: hot air + hybrid systems
  • required additives: flux, solder pastes...
  • risks of manual reflow processes
operators, process - and application engineers, advanced beginners
solder fume extraction Protect employees – Extract solder fume!
  • the hazards of solder fume in the workplace
  • efficient possibilities for extraction and filtering of solder fume
  • Ersa's customized solutions and their advantages
beginners, user, operator
Rework Big Board Rework
  • keys for a successful BIG BOARD REWORK
  • how to avoid board warpage
  • handling of boards up to 1,2m & components up to 120 x 120mm
Rework Experts
Rework Rework of electronic assemblies - HR550
  • the basic equipment up to the professional equipment of a rework system
  • why the rework software has extreme great importance
  • the range of possible rework applications
Rework beginners, operators, process & application engineers
Rework Micro Rework
  • the challenges to the process "Micro Rework"
  • the requirements for successful placement of solder paste,
  • the requirements for the placement process of small components
  • the successful soldering and the specialities of the desoldering process
Experts, production planer, technologists