We are pleased to invite you to two international exhibitions in the fields of electronics and electricity & automation. Within them you will have the opportunity to meet with some of the partner suppliers of SC EEE SA.

For any details about the events, please contact us.

SPS Nuremberg
SPS Nuremberg 8 - 10.11.2022

TKD KABEL TKD KABEL Hala/stand 2 - 438
FINDER FINDER Hala/stand 9 - 340
STEGO STEGO Hala/stand 3 - 207
SIRENA SIRENA Hala/stand 4 - 378

Electronica München
Electronica München 15 - 18.11.2022

OKW OKW Hala/stand B3.163
ERSA ERSA Hala/stand B1.234
FRITSCH FRITSCH Hala/stand A1.507
FINDER FINDER Hala/stand A2.345

Ersa Webinar

Ersa Tools Webinars - Available Topics

Category Topic Content Target group
hand soldering Hand soldering – First steps
  • the theoretical principles of hand soldering
  • the relevant influencing parameters for hand soldering
  • the theoretical execution of a manual soldering process
hand soldering The heart of a soldering iron - the appropriate soldering tip, selection and care
  • why the soldering tip is so important
  • the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies
  • which soldering tip is the best suitable for your application
  • how to maintain the soldering tip in an optimum way
beginners, user, operator
hand soldering Soldering of THDs and SMDs on high thermal mass assemblies
  • the definition of large thermal masses and their challenges
  • Temperature and time limits at a hand soldering process
  • the selection and usage of the proper soldering tool
  • practical execution of a high-mass soldering task
experienced soldering operators, experts
hand soldering Professional Hand Soldering: Hot Air- and Hybrid Systems
  • basics for manual reflow processes
  • different tools: hot air + hybrid systems
  • required additives: flux, solder pastes...
  • risks of manual reflow processes
operators, process - and application engineers, advanced beginners
solder fume extraction Protect employees – Extract solder fume!
  • the hazards of solder fume in the workplace
  • efficient possibilities for extraction and filtering of solder fume
  • Ersa's customized solutions and their advantages
beginners, user, operator
Rework Big Board Rework
  • keys for a successful BIG BOARD REWORK
  • how to avoid board warpage
  • handling of boards up to 1,2m & components up to 120 x 120mm
Rework Experts
Rework Rework of electronic assemblies - HR550
  • the basic equipment up to the professional equipment of a rework system
  • why the rework software has extreme great importance
  • the range of possible rework applications
Rework beginners, operators, process & application engineers
Rework Micro Rework
  • the challenges to the process "Micro Rework"
  • the requirements for successful placement of solder paste,
  • the requirements for the placement process of small components
  • the successful soldering and the specialities of the desoldering process
Experts, production planer, technologists